A 7-Day Weather Forecast…seen from space


Over the past few weeks I’ve dreamt up a dozen or so projects that would force me to better my data visualization skills. There are a ton of online tutorials for learning the basics in using libraries like D3, so I knocked a few of them out. However, none of those utilized data with any practical application.

The project I landed on was a WebVR weather app. It renders the 7-day forecast with daily low, average, and high temperatures on a 3D histogram chart. The bars are interactive, and dynamically display each day’s weather info on the display at screen left. And, best of all, you’re in space!

Really though, it is a 360-degree environment that you are able to navigate using WASD controls. The planets are in orbit and, if you take the time to travel all the way to them, you can watch them swirl around you. Right now they are in a circular orbit, however, a goal of the project is to have the earth follow its true orbital track given the current date.

Updates to come in the next few weeks. Check it out at WeatherRoomVR and let me know what you think! (if anything looks funky…try reloading the page…).




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