Two meaningful steps forward in virtual and mixed reality

I live alone in a one bedroom apartment. It’s cozy. As anyone would guess, my bed is in the bedroom. Why wouldn’t in be? Well, I’ve been thinking of changing things up – and not for any new found feng shui. To me, switching it up would mean transforming my bedroom into a virtual reality room. […]

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A Different Kind of Hackathon, from VRVU and Samsung Accelerator

Last week my friend Nate Daubert – a UI designer at Makerbot – and I finished competing in a Samsung sponsored virtual reality hackathon organized by VRVU. The classic hackathon is characterized by RedBull, pizza, and sleep deprivation. Usually running 48-hours with a specific prompt that inspires the project building frenzy. While that is fun and exhilarating, […]


Augmented Reality: Seeing the world, as you want to see it

Who else from the 90’s would have thought that in 2016 Pokemon would once again become relevant? If you don’t know this reference, hop on Google and learn exactly how Nintendo became $6-billion more valuable in the past week. The Pokemon Go app is an AR (augmented reality) game that’s spreading like wildfire. And it is […]


How Will We Punish Virtual Crime?

The horizon is now further than virtual reality is from being used as an everyday technology. Training, entertainment, retail and many other industries will transform as to adapt to being experienced through head mounted displays and other virtual or augmented viewing devices. Much like how social came online, it will surely evolve again as a […]


A 7-Day Weather Forecast…seen from space

WeatherRoomVR Over the past few weeks I’ve dreamt up a dozen or so projects that would force me to better my data visualization skills. There are a ton of online tutorials for learning the basics in using libraries like D3, so I knocked a few of them out. However, none of those utilized data with any practical application. The project […]


Update on Listening to Music in Virtual Reality

*If you missed it, check out my first demo of Koo-VR at this link Since my last article where I demod a music player for virtual reality I’ve re-engineered the application in a way I’m very excited about. Why am I excited? Well, two reasons. The first is that it is now built with Angular […]


Mobile Web Dev: Access Localhost on Android from OSX

Web developers will often want to view their projects on mobile. In both Chrome and Firefox, the developer console gives us the ability to mimic mobile views by setting screen size containers. It’s really not a comparable experience though to holding a phone while demoing. The following guide is a trick that can be used […]


Virtual Reality Music Player: Visualizing Spotify’s API

For the past week, a friend (Holly Peck) and I have spent our leisure time building a virtual reality music player. This is the first demo we have to show – please feel free to give feedback as well as contribute to the code’s repository! The project uses A-Frame. You’ll notice that the video is […]


Intro to A-Frame: Rendering a Cube

Several weeks ago a colleague and I decided it would be worth our combined efforts to begin exploring virtual reality as developers. Slowly, we’ve begun patching together a curriculum of sorts that should ready us to tackle several passion projects in the near future. Being that there is limited learning material on VR available (relative […]


Deploying a Rails App to Heroku – sqlite3 to postgres

*This link is to the Index Card Language Learning App I designed and built last week, which guided this article. Heroku is easy to use. So easy that it feels like magic. It’s as though all you must do is put the round peg in the round hole. As long as you have the round peg […]