When the Sun Sets in the South

*Came across this while clearing out notes on my phone. Wrote it while on a flight from New York to Shanghai in 2014. I’m airborne. Six-miles above the northern ice cap staring out. There isn’t a single cloud. Six-miles high and I could pick up a snowball. It looks within an arm’s reach. The only […]

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Experiencing the HTC VIVE as a Space Pirate

For the first time just a few hours ago I experienced the VIVE. HTC’s head mounted display that’s really the only name other than Oculus that enjoys recognition from the general public. Having only ever played and developed my own applications for the GearVR and Cardboard, my only understanding of the VIVE had come through rumor. In no way was […]


-20 and 60 degrees North

Strange things are done in the midnight sun. Though under the midday moon, life moves quietly. Winds gain their Arctic edge as they travel across the Baltic to corral everyone indoors. Inside homes, shops, restaurants and taverns, warmth is the pleasure to which everything else comes second. Coffee houses are retreats for baked goods, hot […]


On self.

There used to be something I was good at. It was being myself. My shameless, passionate, certain, and sometimes offensive self. After leaving college, a little less than a year ago, I lost it. Being lonely was my fear. The idea of my closest friends no longer being my immediate neighbors unnerved me. Wherever I […]


Where size seems to matter: A few days in Dubai

In the United States, everything is bigger in Texas. In the world, everything is bigger in Dubai. The city makes the term skyscraper seem relative. Its skyline doubles in width and height any found elsewhere. Though without comparison, its look is standardized. Few places impress such ambition. Less back it up with execution. For every […]

At a loss for words: My short trip to Japan

*The words extraordinary, fantastic, incredible and their like are used liberally. Most people are relatively desensitized to the impact of their meaning. I’ll try to stay away from using them. However when I do slip-up, please consider my word placement without a hint of exaggeration.    I arrived unexpected. The schedule I had suffered in […]

Chill Out: Why Too Much Self-Reflection Can Be A Bad Thing

This article was published by Elite Daily yesterday. Feel free to access it using this link or read it below. An international coffee producer took me under his wing as an assistant roughly eight months ago. At no point in my life had I ever been a regular coffee drinker, nor did I particularly like […]

Checking in from the jungle

Several days ago I flew down to Panama. My plan is to stay roughly a month. I’m managing a few residential construction projects, and coordinating the design and buildout of a new coffee processing facility. For now I’m sleeping on the floor of the construction site, but there will soon be clean, modern, and functional […]

Scents of Shanghai: the third time is not the charm

In the US we have websites like Selfcontrol.com that help you limit and be disciplined about your social media usage. In China they have the government. The entire country is on social media parental control. And the only way I’ve been able to access my Facebook is by using a proxy server. As a frame […]

A Four Seasons dining experience with five-star friends: Yellowchair, NYC

I’m never able to write about my visits to New York City. Unlike any other place I’ve been or lived, New York is forever overstimulating. There is simply so much, all the time. And to try to connect it all, understand it all, or even remember it all seems, to me, an impossible feat. But […]