Scholl Sight: Sebastian L. Scholl Photography


It is not news to me that, if I didn’t include photos in my posts, an email thread with my immediate family would be a better way to reach my audience.  Just a few weeks ago I remember witnessing my friend Dallas “reading” one of my articles at an astonishingly fast pace – around ten seconds I believe.  And watching her do so was a brutal reminder that my blog differs little from a high school history lecture – because out of all the students attending class, I’m lucky if one pays attention to what I have to say instead of simply staring.

This doesn’t bother me, because I am one of those students.  How it has affected me though is by making me think of ways to better feature my images.  Bringing me to the conclusion that the structure of My Name’s Sebastian is not optimal for picture viewing.  So, during my class yesterday – while being that student – I threw together a portfolio site for my images.

Scholl Sight – Sebastian L. Scholl Photography, will be the new home of my best photo work.  It is a clean, minimal, and sleek experience that I feel will better feature my work, and be more enjoyable for viewers.  I love writing, and will not be diverting any attention away from My Name’s Sebastian.  However, if you find yourself enjoying the photos over the pros, feel free to visit

It is a new site, so any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.  Please comment, like, and share any pictures you enjoy.


– Sepp

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