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This is a little project I did a few months ago. Awhile back I had purchased some used Coffee sacks online in hopes that I’d find a craft application for them…and after 8 months I did! These bad boys took an hour and a half to construct (that’s including time to the home-depot), and have a lot of character and style in them.

They are Coffee sack topped ottomans that double as stool seats. Easy to make and fun to have.

Six 12″x12″ boards
Drill and 1/2″ screws
8 Elbow brackets
Cheap decorative outdoor pillow
Coffe sack
Thumb tacks

Construct a five sided cube using the elbow brackets. Take some of the stuffing out of the pillow and drill it into the last board to make a seat cushion. Be creative and attach the cushion board to the rest of the cube. Cut out a part of the Coffee sack and thumb tack it over the seat cushion…if I gave you any better instructions…you wouldn’t be as proud of yourself for making it!

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