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So if you’ve been reading my previous posts, you would have probably put together a little image of the trip on your own…here are my images, though.

At the dock in Hyannis
Brand Point Ferry
View leaving the Harbor
Wake of the ferry when put-putting out of the harbor
Thank you for the picture Mrs….
Father and daughter at the end of a Jetty
I’m trying to hard
Wake of the ferry when hauling
Entering Oaks Bluff
Oaks Bluff Harbor
Three best friends that anyone could have 
WARNING: The following pictures are just signs…I really just like signs
WARNING: no more signs
Worn and wonderful
Beautiful log sticking skyward from the sand
I’d like to believe nature did this
I had some time on my hands
Steamship Authority Port – Oaks Bluff
Great to see Lucy
Great to meet Charlotte
Plain old me
Charlotte, Dara and Olivia
A diverse group of Seasonnaires
Blue shirt, blue glasses, Blue Steel
Charlotte and Mel
The tub’n crew
A kid at heart
We love our job
We were all surprised
University seasonnaires unite!
Casual day at work
Loving life
Mell straight chill’n
I’m a terrible flipper Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!
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