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Update on my Etsy Shop

   This morning I listed two new items on my Etsy shop, and I think they are awesome.  The first one is a 1930’s Narragansett Beer Tray that I picked up at a yard sale in Chatham.  Paint is still intact, no dents and just an fun thing to have around…to bad I’m selling it!  

    The second is a weird one, but truly unique.  The Charles E. Hire Company was establish in 1886 and made Extracts up till the mid 20th century.  They were most famous for Hires Root Beer, but in the 1920’s tried making Ginger Ale Extract (stuff to make Ginger Ale at home with…awesome), but the stuff didn’t catch on and soon went out of production…that’s really all the history I could find.  I happened to pick up a bottle of this stuff, still with the original packaging and instructions, uncorked, at a Estate sale.  It’s a little piece of history; hopefully someone collects this kind of stuff…

    I have more pictures of both at my Etsy store if you want to check them out at:

Ollie’s Food to Go

    So the hardest part of being in Chatham for me is that I haven’t found many restaurants where I can get a good healthy meal…this has led me to resorting to good unhealthy meals unfortunately.  However by looking for something tasty, and not to low on the health charts, I’ve found my two favorite spots to eat in Chatham.  The Corner store, and Ollie’s – food to go.  

   Right on Main street when heading towards Harwich from Chatham, anyone with eyes fit enough to drive won’t be able to miss the sign.  This small joint has a variety of Burgers, Sandwiches, I think I saw salads… and other good stuff.  A small and clean spot with friendly staff.  I got a good recommendation on a Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich, and enjoyed my simple sandwich of BBQ pork with coleslaw on top.  

   It was a convenient and quick stop to grab a quick bite.  I’ll be back.

I don’t know what else to blog about now…maybe I’ll do something cool later

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