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Yesterday while driving down the road I passed a yard sale sign and practically tossed myself out the passenger side window in a stunt quality U-turn.  Pulling up and running in, most of the stuff had been purchased and the owner looked at me and said “We will practically take any offer”…music to my ears.  Running around like a chicken with its head cut off I poked through every nook and cranny in an attempt to scavenge what those before me may have missed.  A unique trash bin for $2.00, a bizarre “Rules of the Pool” table for $3.00 along with a few vintage leather suitcases, I was enjoying myself but not seeing anything eyeopening.  Coming around a corner and stopping in my tracks, I had found the item that I could not leave without.  An old chest with worn red paint and a beautifully designed lid that read “We Owe Allegiance to No Crown!”  The patriot in me was aroused and I new I wouldn’t leave without it.

A price tag said $100, so I offered $50.  They took it without a second of hesitation…I could have gone lower.   The chest is in perfect condition, as if it was never used.  I’m excited to get it up online, along with my other items, and see what it’s worth!  Below are some other pictures I took of the chest.

Check it out at !

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