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Following up with my last post about hot sauces…about two months ago I walked into a little place called Roast Beast.

Roast Beast sits right on Commonwealth Avenue near the western tip of Boston University in a small below ground building corner.  Walking in your nostrils flair to the smell of sizzling beef and turkey on the flat iron grills, and your eyes are drawn to the posted pictures of Roast Beast champions.  Seeing all these people posted upon the wall like heroes with time scores next to them, I instantly wondered what exactly I was looking at.  Soon I found a framed picture with the title, “The Roast Beast Challenge”.  I’ve never been so enthusiastic about reading. 

The Thermonuclear Beast – One 10″ sub with one-pound of roast beef and a pepper pickle relish with three ounces of ghost chili pepper sauce to be consumed in under 5 minutes.  It was then that I realized, “I have never attempted a food challenge before”.   Three days later my confidence was soaring and I ran into Roast Beast ready to go.  A few minutes later, game on.  The first half of the sub wasn’t hard; I was able to get it down in just under a minute.  It was then that the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan took place in my mouth.  My eyes tearing and lips quivering, I wasn’t giving up with everyone watching.  In 2:53, I had wolfed down the sub.  A rush of pride made the spiciness retreat for a minute or two, at least until I received my winning T-Shirt.

I may of won the battle, but Roast Beast won the war.  My girlfriend Logan who had come with me for support had to literally guide me back to my apartment and lay me down.  Cold wash clothes across my forehead and a waste bin by my side.  I was a wounded soldier.  In the end though….at least I can check food challenge off my bucket list!

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Congrats to you! Daniel would have loved to witness, and participate, in the challenge.


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