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Two parts bring this story together…

Firstly, my mother has a little bit of a knack for road trips.  Instead of just picking a destination and be timely about getting there, she prefers to enjoy the long route and explore whats on the way.  This has led her to finding countless shops, restaurants and people that the average traveler wouldn’t come by.

Secondly, I love hot sauces.  I think that it is a challenge that men impose upon themselves to see how much they can suffer, or a chance to make eating feel more like a sport, thus ourselves feel athletic…regardless, spicing up a wheat, meat or any treat that comes my way is commonly my first move.

On my mothers last road trip between Colorado and Florida, she took the gulf route to visit relatives in New Orleans.  It was here where she came across the Eldorado of hot sauce, the castle of capsicum, the sea of scoville units!  It’s true name, though, is the Pepper Palace.

This emporium of perfect pepper blends is one that true hot sauce lovers must visit (next on my list).  The walls are lined with rows on rows of wing sauces, marinades, dips, jellies, butters, salsas, pickled items, seasonings and more.  This is not only a spot to go pick up a bottle or jar of you favorite spice.  You can light your ass on fire upon entering the door by trying practically any of their wares at the sampling tables right in the middle of the store!

If you are weak around peppers, just walking into this place may cause you brain damage.  For those enthusiast who want to test there table muscle…this is your gym.

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