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There have been a few periods in my life where I had a strong vision of myself going minimalist. They were mainly motivated by esthetic concern, though, it was always a fun mind set to embody. Simply living with what one needs is not an act of giving away till you’re left with nearly nothing. It’s a mental filtration process which forces an individual to adapt themselves to living comfortably with less options. This doesn’t mean living with out quality or sophistication. If you love photography and constantly take pictures, there is no need to give away your camera! The best example of what we rarely let go is clothes and toys. Boxes upon boxes in attics and garages are filled with the past times which we will only again revisit in thought. At first it feels odd to let something go that once had meaning to you. But all it takes is practice, and after awhile we realize all those boxes are just memories.

The New York Times recently published an article talking to the same point. It’s a worthwhile read:

– From Sepp

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