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Here are two small projects I worked on in the past week:

During WWII the price of copper skyrocketed and was demanded for production of war good. In response the US mints started minting pennies out of steel from 1942 to 1945. I’ve had a few of these coins in my collection over the past years and thought they’d make great cuff links.  So while in Miami last week I went down to the Seybold building and bought the appropriate sterling silver findings for the project…they were easy to put together and I think a different and historical piece of jewelry to have.

The second was this wine barrel…an impulse purchase of my roommates and mine, but not one we regret.  The barrel had been sitting in our living room for the past few months while we kept putting off buying a circular piece of glass for the top.  What also was sitting around the our apartment though were about 200 wine corks that we had been aching to use for a crafty application.  Finally I put two and two together.  This picture was taken when I had only finished half the table top.  Personally I prefer this alternative over purchasing the glass…for fiscal and aesthetic reasons;)  Once I finish up both sides, glue them in and the stain the barrel I will post up another picture of the final project.

– From Sepp

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