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Oktoberfest Update 1

So last Tuesday afternoon, I was lounging on my couch when the idea popped into my head “I should go to Frankfurter Oktoberfest”.  Stuffing my backpack with a few clothes, running to the airport to hitch the next flight and texting my teachers I’ll be sick this…and maybe next week..Thursday morning I landed in Frankfurt.
Now maybe it was a little more preplanned, maybe I packed a full suitcase, maybe I got to the airport early from excitement and maybe all my teachers know about my trip…however regardless of the unknowns I did land in Frankfurt Thursday morning…Güten Morgen Deutschland!
Here are a few pictures from my first few evenings at Frankfurter Oktoberfest.  I will be composing a proper post detailing my experience during my flight home next week, but here are a few pictures I liked thus far.
 Gina Lisa made it to one of the final rounds of Germany’s Next Top Model in early 2012 and has gained much fame due to it.  To me, she just seems like she is full of potential and has a lot to offer.
 Anya (blanking on her last name…) won last years German Bachelorette TV show.
 I never thought I’d dress like this and THEN fit in…and for that Bavaria, I thank you.
 Just a bar.
 Ceramic Mug Shot Glasses
 I hope someone in the crowds name was Waldo….
 ….and his friends lost him.
 Kai’s youngest son Jean’Remy (Kai started and runs Frankfurter Oktoberfest and allowed me to stay with him for my trip)  

 Setting up view from the performance stage.
 I’ve completely forgot their names.
 Plain young me.
 It is not a big deal, I’m only on stage.
 Now this is quality torture…instead of a competition racing to chug your Liter beer (YES, THE BEERS COME IN LITER GLASSES), they see who can hold the 3Kg beer in front if them the longest.  Kai is hosting on the right.
 Left: Mark Keller, German actor who is similar in Germany to Stallone in the US. 
Center Left: Mandy Gommlich, a very sweet model from New York who is from Germany.
Right:  Aaron Keller, Mark Keller’s son who has his own acting career and is picking up rolls in the states now.

Kai greeting Gina at her grand arrival…

Right: Niko, supposedly he is a reality TV star who won a show similar to Survivor.  We didn’t get to talk to long…but that’s what others told me.
Left: Niko’s manager Volker Gruber.
I thought a pork leg would give me the fuel I needed to push through the day…but it ended up being the weight I subconsciously wanted to force me to retire for an afternoon.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I’m assuming i’ll have enough video to put together a few minutes of footage later… but all in good time.
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