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Oktoberfest Update 2

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meander around the city of Frankfurt for about 8 hours.  When coming here I was under the impression that I’d be staying in Frankfurt, when actually I am staying in Oberthousen, which would be as though saying you’re in NYC when you’re in Brooklyn.

(iPhone photo using Photosynth app.  View from a bridge north of the Red Light district)
From finance to retail to restaurants and a red-light district, Frankfurt is a complete and compact city.  Similar to Boston in that walking is an easy way to get anywhere, though cabs are faster.  I can’t really tell if the people are friendly though…because even a German saying hello sounds threatening.  But for the most part I was able to use all sign language besides the middle finger to navigate my day.  
(At this beautifully designed, 5 story, shopping mall the glass caves in through the building, up over the roof and down to the ground floor) 
Young students and professionals stormed the street throughout the day, shopping, dining and keeping busy.  Street performers, drunkards and the homeless played a minor roll in the busy streets, however this street performer below easily caught my attention.
(The coolest way I’ve ever seen to just get paid by sitting around all day!)
It took me about 20 blocks before I could find a restaurant with a good salad…one more pretzel or beer and I might explode.  The food is awfully heavy here…which is something that only ever really bothers me…maybe Texas students would feel at home.
(I got these shoes to match my Lederhosen at Oktoberfest…and think they are the coolest chucks i’ve seen)

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