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Cats in Köln

This is cool.
At Oktoberfest last Saturday night I was introduced to Antonia Fuchs.  She was working at the festival as a Drunk Patrol (a very cool job I’ve not yet seen in the states), though we stepped outside for a bit and small talked.  Exchanging numbers after a flimsy promise that she’d show me the town during my trip, we said goodbye and both went back to our responsibilities.  The next day I text messaged her asking what her weeks scheduled looked like, and she responded by inviting me to a musical she’d be attending in Köln.
(The Cats tent from outside)

 Köln is about 180 miles from Frankfurt…but on the German roads thats only a hour and a half drive!  (speed limits aren’t really…important)  The following day she picked me up, we took our short road trip and soon arrived at the theater.  Everything was fun and simple up to this point, but here is what I didn’t know…

 (The performance stage)

 Antonia was an actress on a popular German soap-opera and had been invited to this Musical as a celebrity guest because it was the premier after being redone by the same director of Phantom of the Opera, Starlight Express…ect.  We showed up, received free tickets from her manager, as well as VIP wristbands for the after party.

(Inside the tents front room)
The tent, was awesome.  Black canvas, red carpets, black suits and champaign rain, this was the closest I’ve been to feeling as though I’m in a James Bond Movie.  Hors d’œuvres trays with choices from Salmon wraps to mousse were scurried around by the servers while bartenders were relieved from the responsibility of collecting payment.  Not knowing German, my job was to stand next to Antonia with a pleasant smile, my payment, endless Champaign.  Fortunately smiles and laughter are universal because they soon became my only method of communication.   
(Antonia and myself at the after party)
Sadly, I may have been the only person there that paparazzi weren’t trying to capture, however a few cocktails later I could have cared less.  The experience was one that I’ll be wanting to recreate going forward, though anticipate mild success in that realm!  Regardless, this was just another detour that has made my Germany experience exceptional.
 (Antonia and myself in-front of the musicals poster)

Oh…the musical was mediocre…I’m no critic…but I’d not watch it again unless there was another after-party.


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