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Oktoberfest Update 3

When Blogging, I often want to post about experiences I haven’t thoroughly internalized.  Germany was blur, and the day post return I’m antsy to write about the trip…therefore, if this post seems unorganized, it is due to me not having sufficient time to…think it out.

(This is my video of the trip.  Hopefully it will make up for todays writing.  After watching my video on YouTube I realized that there was some significant quality loss in the upload…as well as some audio blips…soorryyy

(Frankfurt financial district)
            I’m not an introvert.  I may even be so bold to say that I have friends.  However often my best memories are ones of being alone.  Relationships of all sort are beautiful distraction, but distractions none the less.  The most effective way for me to learn and relax is unencumbered by companionship.  Wondering a foreign city, gazing on a beach, navigating a river or ascending a mountain, the limited time I’m able to express and explore unbounded by the obligation to interact often prove to be most valuable.  
            Now you might be utterly confused on why I mentioned this in my Germany post.  To take all that I just said and put it simply…I enjoy my alone time…I got some alone time in Germany.  Two of the days during my trip I was able to take a half day to enjoy my own company in Frankfurt.  From the tops of Skyscrapers to the basement cafés, I believe accomplished a thorough exploration.    
            In my past few updates I believe I gave a good impression of how the Oktoberfest ran, and my video (hopefully) picks up the missing pieces.  Here are a few last pictures to finish up the trip, I hope you enjoyed all the updates.
These next three photo’s I find to be a funny sequence…below is a picture of myself and a man who’s name I unfortunately have forgotten, though you may know!  He is a chef on the Food Network, and recently published two cookbooks in the US.
The Oktoberfest runs a total of 19 days, and hosts one Gay night.  The entertainment was in drag…and the “woman” below was one of the main acts.

Now this is the picture I find funny, and for a simple reason…I’m the only one I know, and probably you know, who has a picture of himself with two transvestites and a celebrity chef.

The man below is a very famous German singer from Majorca named Mickie Krause.

The older woman in this picture owns BB Bar in Frankfurt and runs the champagne bar at Oktoberfest…she ran a very popular brothel when she was younger before opening the bar/club.

I went to the Stadel Museum…and like this piece… 
If you look at the first picture in this post you will see a few tall buildings. The blue glass cylinder one holds a observation deck and restaurant on its top floors.  I took a good hour to sit, enjoy a drink and snack while admiring the view.

 My photogenic lunch.
Beer barrels at Oktoberfest from the Binding’s Brewery, official sponsor of the event.

This picture was taken with my GoPro, it unfortunately doesn’t have the clearest image, but I really liked the stage and crowd divide.

That’s really all I have….


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