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Free Aerosmith Concert in Boston

Last night Somebody told me that Aerosmith was playing a free concert at noon on a Monday No More No More than three blocks away from my apartment…my immediate response, Dream On!  But Oh Yeah, this was the truth.  The police men were telling everyone to Walk This Way while the streets flooded with Pink faces from the crisp winter day.  Crazy fans who Don’t Want to Miss a Thing scampered up fire escapes onto nearby buildings for Amazing views, while like Freedom Fighters all of us on the ground did What it Takes to get a F.I.N.E sight of the stage.  After forty years of Aerosmith, the Same Old Song and Dance has yet to get old.  Their timeless rock evoked Sweet Emotion and Young Lust from this medley of a crowd, bringing everyone Closer through music in one Cryin’ moment.  I may have been the Last Child to show up late for class today and felt a bit Jaded after the show…but luckily my teacher was an old fan and let me jump right Back in the Saddle for class.

Alright, I may have to Draw the Line here and write normally, or maybe just use less of a Combination of song titles with the pros.  Regardless, if you were in Boston and missed the concert, it’s Nobody’s Fault but your own!  Check out some of the pictures and Tell Me what you think…

(My apologies for some of the poor picture quality!  The streets were swarmed by thousands, only allowing me to shoot pictures from very far away)
 S. Tyler singing Sweet Emotion
Poor tree

 Singing Walk This Way

 40 years with Aerosmith and still screaming loud

These people DID NOT come out a window…

 Windows Packed

 Time warped

 Found my buddy Wheeler on a alley roof…

 …then got on that roof myself for a shot.

Great way to start a Monday!  Hope you enjoyed the post.
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