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A Government Incentive

This…is hilarious.

Clearly, Uncle Sam needs a lesson in marketing.  Worchester, MA has made an “incentive program” to reward compliant citizens.  If you turn in your gun, they will courteously destroy it for you and give you a free flue shot!  Even better, if you gun is valued between $1000 and $3000, they will give you a $75 gift certificate!

Read the article here: 

Good thing the government doesn’t work promotion marketing for corporations or else the economy would REALLY hit the gutter.  I may try to start my own initiative, “Give me your Rolex and get a hug”.  The value proposition is better since at least hugs don’t kill your immune system!  Additionally, to all those gun owners who are looking for a flue shot, here’s my recommendation.  Please, go shoot the idiot who designed this program and claim your free flue shot in jail.

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