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The Big Dog Belief

English Mastiff

When forecasting phases of my life in a desperate attempt to find an inner guidance, a vision that often reoccurs is one of me living on a farm raising large dogs. More specifically, HUGE dogs, beasts, giants!

Tibetan Mastiff

The philosophy behind this desire, though, has been claimed “odd” by friends, family and others whose support I often appreciate.  Regardless, for the joy of sharing, here is that philosophy.

Saint Bernard

To often I see and meet people who have small or medium sized dogs, and whether that dog is well trained or not doesn’t hold weight.  Simply from my size, I have total dominance over that animal.  If it were to attack, I could effortlessly annihilate the thing.  In a since, the dog must behave because it holds no power to effectively act otherwise.  In my eyes these dogs, though often beautiful or cute, seem pathetic and don’t demand respect for themselves.

You can see the sadness its eyes

My imagined relationship with a large dog, though, is not owning a subordinate pet.  It is a camaraderie.  A mutual respect between two animals (myself being one of them) who value and trust each others disposition.  They apprehend the intrepidity and fortitude each other, and themselves, posses yet opt for humility.  It is with large dogs that, when grown and if well trained, the relationship is able to surrender dependency and demand respect.

Great Dane

It is because of this…belief…that I have decided one day I will raise Irish Wolfhounds.

White Irish Wolfhound

If you have any interest in learning some quick facts about Irish Wolfhounds keep reading.  Also, if you’ve read this far and are still interested…I’m surprised!  The facts are numbered below.

1)  They are the tallest dogs in the world, and fully grown can stand up to 7′ tall.

The man in this picture is 6′ 1″

2)  When puppies, they can grow up to 1lb per day.

The pup

3)  On average, healthy Irish Wolfhounds consume 22lbs of food a week.

4)  They use to be given as gifts to kings.

5)  They are largely responsible for the near extinction of wild boars, elk and wolves in the British Isles.

6)  Since the dog gets so large, it’s important to not let them exercise to much while young since their bodies need the rest for such rapid growth.

7)  Like most giant breeds, their life spans are relatively short, often lasting only 7 to 9 years.

Additionally, when I’m able to raise my Irish Wolfhound, I want to raise two of them……

…..just because.

– From Sepp

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