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A New Year

 Happy New Years!  And what a year it was.  We discovered that Lance had even less balls than already imagined, the Maya should have budgeted for Christmas after all and that a president enjoys blowing off steam by attending Korean pop concerts.  However, with a new year ahead of us and no known religious or cultural apocalypses to look forward to, looks like we may have to see past our toes and believe in a future.

Without a solid resolution I feel lost going into 2013.  Hoping that I can find purpose to get me up in the morning has often been an unsuccessful hobby of mine, and in light of the new year I’m going to aim to change that.  Naturally, the easiest advice to find is inspirational advice.  Empty guidance such as, “find something that you love to do” or “follow your heart” are mantras that I often find leave me further back than where I started.  This is simply because if I knew what I loved or what my heart wanted I’m confident that I’d be selfish enough to already be immersed in it.  However, something that I often see other kids my age getting “involved” in are causes.  Not to sound harsh…but the majority of these peoples involvement in their causes I find pathetic.

Thanks for you opinions…I hope you get towed

When Blake Mycoskie saw Argentinian children running around the streets barefoot, he realized that children not being able to afford shoes was an issue not only there, but in Argentina, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, Rwanda, South Africa, and the United States.  In order to make a change, he sold a small company he ran and invested his savings in his new shoe company, TOMS.  What he did NOT do was slap some stupid bumper sticker on his car, or like a Facebook page and then tell his friends that “the more people who care about this the better chance there is for change”.  The term I came up with a few years ago…then soon after realized I wasn’t the first…is Bumper Sticker Activism.  It’s a quick way for anyone to feel involved in a cause and blame others for lacking compassion. 

Another popular way of patting oneself on the back is through cause bracelets.  Thanks to Lance, he may have started and ended this trend.  However, commonly for $1 to $5, you can be apart of nearly any movement you like!  But please, don’t bull shit yourself.  By wearing these bands you aren’t a knight in shining armor “fighting” for breast cancer, polio, orphan puppies or our troops.  Most likely you’re someone who doesn’t have the capability of actually helping a cause you believe in besides throwing a buck towards an organizations employee salaries.

For the record…NO ONE cares what you like….but what you do.

One of the funniest happenings of 2012 for me was all the Facebook posts and tweets about KONY 2012 followed up by sentences saying, “Spread the message, change is here”.  What was even more hilarious is that the people posting felt that they had “done their part”.  Additionally, whenever someone approached me concerning the film, after a few minute chat it was often apparent that they hadn’t even watched the damn film!  The sad truth about the whole thing is that whenever the following words come up around students and middle class Americans everyone seems to get hot and bothered and revert to blaming someone wealthier than them; corporate, starving children, greed, environment, profit and Africa.

Some life lessons I’ve learned from 2012’s exciting events are that minorities are abused (except the 1%), to not follow majority (except the 99%) and that we are all responsible for one another in these tough times (except for ourselves).  And of course, the timeless lesson that “accepting responsibility (for most people) is accepting failure”.  Needless to say, we can see that strong leaders have been the key to a successful year.  Occurrences such as the President only a few weeks ago threatening to “Blame the Republicans in a very public setting” if he didn’t get what he wanted regarding the fiscal cliff have once again solidified my belief in a bright future.  Additionally, thanks to motivated individuals whom embrace the lessons stated above, we’ve had such historical events as Occupy Wall Street, record high debt and a re-election.

Now in the style of maxims, one of my favorite writing hobbies, here are a few ideas I thought of.

“Pacifism is a procrastinators strategy for advocating their beliefs”  
“There are plenty of idiots in the world to follow any idiot”
“Guilt is the newest tool for victimizing achievement”

 The clip above is a Dr. Sues spoof done by South Park on cause bracelets that I found very funny.  I hope you enjoy it.  Happy New Years!

2 comments on “A New Year

  1. narayguy says:

    Dude swag…

    Great to see you're blogging.


  2. Thanks bud. Honest College is looking great!


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