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Dive Days of Miami

Down Town Miami from the Bay

Both of my parents fathers were, and are, (frankly) bad-asses.  My father’s father held a world record for the fastest quarter mile in motorcycle drag racing during the 1950’s, on a bike he built himself.  My mothers father, on the other hand, was a world champion spear-fishermen.  In 1960, the only year that ever showcased spearfishing, he won bronze after losing all his gear on the flight over and having to make his own.  In 1962 he won the world championships in Aruba.  Then, 21 years later, simply to prove to everyone he still had fight in him, he competed in and won the 1983 US Nationals.  Now a member of the fishing hall of fame, his name, Don DelMonico, has forever been tied to the sport of spearfishing.

My Papa and the 1962 World Champion Trophy

The unique part about my Papa’s fishing career, though, is that he wasn’t a scuba diver and used a hawaiian sling.  Even today, he can still hold his breath for about 3 minutes and dive comfortably at 100 feet deep.  That’s being 78 years old…I’d be scared to have see him in his prime.  Growing up around him and the ocean has always given me a since of connection to the sport.  Whenever I’m home, I always make an effort to go diving, and attempt to hold up the legacy.

Hawaiian Sling

Above is a picture of a hawaiian sling.  The wooden cylinder has an approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch hole through its core, as well as a thick natural gum rubber band attached to it that holds a notch at the furthest end from the wood.  We use a 5 to 6 foot thin steel spear, which is put through the hole, into the notch, and then drawn back and aimed similar to a sling shot.  To help people understand, I’ve always described the sport as underwater archery.  However, I find every bit about it to be very pure and challenging exercise.  From the surface you spot your fish, take a deep breath, and hunt!

Above there are two videos I quickly threw together using footage from a diving day trip I took yesterday.  The top video is of me setting my new personal depth record of free-diving 65 feet (you can hear me gasping for air).  The second shows some footage of prepping, boating, and shooting the fish.  In about 10 minutes I’m leaving to go eat dinner with my family and diving buddies…we are eating fish…we did not buy it…we did not steal it…we caught it.  Enjoy the video!

Also, here are some stills I took.

Crying Seagull

Miami Bay Morning

Peter Carlos and Steve Rhodes

Seagull Staring Contest

Gliding On Endless Glass

Peter Carlos

A Calm Morning

Looking Back On Down Town Miami

Clear Water and Clear Sky’s

Captain Steve

Back At The Dock


One comment on “Dive Days of Miami

  1. Rosemary says:

    This is priceless!!


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