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Death & Company

 When feeling like gold with no where to go 
I recommend trying Death & CO. 
An ominous wooden door 
leading to pitch black, 
though beyond the curtain 
your taken back.  
Musty dim light 
settling across the room, 
“clinking” cocktails,
faint hints of perfume.  
The crowd is mellow
engaged in their drinks, 
an exotic menu that takes patience to read.  
Honey Agave Syrup, cucumber  infused 
mescal mixed drinks muddled till smooth.  
Here you don’t order a jack and coke,
instead choose your spirit 
and let the mixologist go.  
The whole experience lets you feel “in the know”.  
A hidden gem where no passerby goes.  
An intimate setting for a drink with friends.  
I look forward to going
again and again.
Snagged this picture offline….

The first sentence I thought of rhymed…so I went with it.  HOWEVER, it was a killer spot.  Location, crowd, decor, drinks and service all came together for a memorable experience.  Definitely worth visiting whenever you’re near!

A section of the Agave cocktail menu

I was able to try two drinks while there.  The first, a Prima China (seen in the menu above) and the second a Dangerous Liaison, a whiskey drink featuring house made honey agave syrup and other tantalizing flavors.  My group was unfortunately in a rush to our next destination; however, I’m looking forward to experiencing the rest of the menu.

Check out their website at:


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