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The Straight Way

My Dovo

My favorite times spent with my grandfather are those where he recounts the “old days”.  A time that seemed lawless, when hands and hearts were calloused.  Kids were their own mechanics, every girl could cook and “something to do” wasn’t a TV.  The line that classified honest work was vivid and it was a honor to serve your country.  Listening to tale after tale I feel as though I’ve become a mock to masculinity.  While grandpa was my age playing football with a leather helmet, I’m debating whether it’s time for a new pair of skinny jeans.  I’ve greatly become a product of my environment, and that environment doesn’t hold masculinity at a high value.  The idolization of feminine men has degraded manhood to where it is greatly frowned upon in many areas of society.
Carbon Steel Blade

Now, in an attempt to feel connected to my masculinity and heritage I’ve decided to start straight razor shaving.  After seeing Sweeny Tod I was skeptical on ever holding that blade to my throat.  However, patience, finesse and courage are all valuable assets to develop, and what better way to learn than putting yourself on the line?  I threw together this short video of how it went, enjoy.

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