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Photo Editing

A few weeks ago I came across this really unique picture of a man who’s face had been edited to give the illusion that he was both looking perpendicularly and directly at you.  With a few hours to spare, I decided to give my photoshop skills a twirl and see what I could do; here is the result.

 If you care to know how I did this…here are a few of the steps.  I took two photos of myself, one of my profile and another staring into the camera.  Then opening the two images into GIMP software (an amazing free version of PhotoShop I use for most everything: ), a made the top image 50% opaque so that I could see the images layered on-top of one another.  From there, it was simply playing with erasers, brushes and other tools.  The final step, though, to give it the crisp look was importing the almost finished image into Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, where the editing tools are much more sophisticated than GIMP. 

There is little to no point in me mumbling on any more explaining how to finish one of these images on your own.  If you are interested in a complete tutorial…comment or message me!


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