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I’m not exactly sure why, but I’m most comfortable executing my ideas compulsively.  Whenever I realize that in order to accomplish my goal there will be a lot of waiting around, sometimes I loose interest.  Many have suggested to me that my dilemma is laziness, but I believe that there are just to many other opportunities to conquer in the mean time.  

Boston is a fantastic city.  The past two and a half years that I’ve spent here have been beyond meaningful to me, both experientially and developmentally.  However, these two and I half years have been the LONGEST time I have ever spent living in one spot.  Growing up my parents home schooled my siblings and I through the 9th grade in order to allow our family to constantly travel.  During high school I attended a boarding school for my first two years, then kayaked the great rivers of the world my 3rd year, and finally wrapped up my senior year at a public high school in Colorado.  Now, I once again antsy to keep moving.

Since the beginning of last falls semester I’ve increasingly been degrading my opinion of Boston.  “There is nothing to do”, “New York is better”, “The weather is miserable” among other slights are just a few of the comments I have made into mantras, as well as have had others reaffirm.  Day by day, I constantly ventured further down the rabbit hole of negativity, blaming all my discontentment on my surroundings.

Eighteen days ago, though, I had an epiphany.  A simple and well know one, but it deemed me clarity none the less.  I bit into an apple, and didn’t enjoy it…extra information coming up.  Apples have been my favorite fruit for awhile now, and I was shocked when I urged to throwout the whole fruit after just one bite.  At first, my inclination was that Boston had also ruined apples for me.  But I soon remembered that almost everyday for practically the past year I had been eating one, if not two or three, apples per day.  My body and mind was craving a change…so I went fruit shopping.

While at the grocery store I immediately began applying the “apple lesson” to nearly every aspect of my life.  From consumerism (hence my new draw to minimalism), relationships, and many other areas including, Boston.  Just  like the apple, Boston had become stale and unexciting to me.  All the propaganda I had fabricated about the faults of the city were false, I was simply trying to justify my unhappiness by blaming my surroundings over discovering the motive and seeking a change.

Immediately in an emotional frenzy I thought it was time to drop out of school and travel to, anywhere. But after I came skyrocketing back down to earth I went straight to the study abroad office.  My first inclination was to study in Paris next fall and graduate a semester early, allowing me to do independent study in the spring.  However, BU kindly informed me that that card was not in the deck.  The only option available to me was the London Internship Program, so I took it.  Within five days I had my application submitted, and two days ago I was sent an acceptance letter.

Time for a new chapter.


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