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Age Yourself

Last week I downloaded the 30 free trial for Adobe Photoshop CS6 (graphic design software).  Immediately I started brainstorming project ideas that would test out both my skill and what the software was capable of.  After churning out a few silly pictures (me paddle-boarding to London, myself made out of water, my roommate jacked, ect…), I quickly got bored.

That Thursday night I decided to go out with a friend to a local bar, and to my surprise I grew more bored than I was playing on Photoshop.  The place was busy, people were dancing and enjoying themselves, but my presence was in stark contrast to absolutely everything happening.  About an hour later, after having two soda waters with lime, I left at midnight.  On the short walk home I thought to myself, “what’s wrong?”.  Out of the many self diagnostics I came up with, one was, “maybe you’re just getting old”.  Now whether I agree with this or not, it sparked my next Photoshop project; making myself look older.

A couple hours of playing with CS6 and watching YouTube tutorials soon came to pass.  Here was the product.  I didn’t want to look like a grandparent, just older.  My goal was to appear between 30 and 40.  Let me know your thoughts!

There are many simulators on the web that will take your picture and make you look past your prime.  These programs add a few wrinkles, sag your skin like a turkey gobbler, and instantly present you with a baggy sack like image of your face.  To sum it up, I’ve never encountered one worth the time. 

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