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Embracing Limitations

 The greatest deterrent to pursuing any dream, passion or idea is focusing on limitations.  “I don’t have enough time, money, space, health, energy, support, knowledge, courage”, ect…is a mantra that we all are guilty of reciting.  What does this mindset produce?  From what I’ve seen and experienced, nothing desirable.  It suppresses creativity, mutes enthusiasm and encourages self-pity.

More prevalent among young adults than any other limitation, though, is the lack of money.  As a
society, we have directly correlated the accumulation of wealth with opportunity, happiness, desirability, and as a success measure for a multitude of life aspects.  This, I believe, is extremely unhealthy.

Casey Neistat – Successful Film Maker, Suggests to Start Filming with Cell Phone

I will be the last person to ever say money is not important.  I’d dig my own grave rather than preach the pathetic “change the system”, “money is oppression” and “social liberation” hippie propaganda that so many people find so appealing.  Money is an incredible tool that enables people, both individually and collectively, to achieve fulfillment in their lives.  However, like any tool, you must understand how to use it.  

While chatting the other day with a few friends about viewing money as a tool , I came up with this simple analogy.

      “Most everyone knows, or thinks they know, how to use a wood saw – most people even have one.  However, if you upgraded the average person to a chain saw, tiger saw, or any other high power utility tool, chances are they will just hurt themselves or someone else.  Money works similarly, if you don’t know how to use it, you’ll probably just lose it.”

Now, back to embracing limitations, it is important to aspire and push yourself to gain more.  Whether that be money, knowledge, experiences or any other resource.  However, along the way, embracing the limitations you currently have drives creativity.

Matthew Kepnes – How to Travel the World on $50 a Day

Calling bullshit?  Think of 200sq foot apartments in Hong Kong that fold-out into over 20 different rooms – an unbelievable example of working with space limitations.  Look at people who can’t afford gym memberships, though stay beyond fit from utilizing public work-out stations – money didn’t deter them from their fitness goals.  Lastly, we all know people that get more done by Monday noon than we do over a week – do we ever ask how they are so resourceful with their time (they only have 24hrs a day, as well)?

Here are two videos that I’ve found inspirational of people working within their limitations.  It is beyond impressive how these people, by working with their limitations, exceeded their old hindrance and created beautiful achievements.

Phil Hansen: The Artist with a Shaky Hand

Hong Kong Architect Has 24 Room Layouts in 32sq ft Apartment

“Constraints are often advantages in disguise. Forget about venture capital, long release cycles, and quick hires. Instead, work with what you have.” – 37 Signals


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