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Be Thankful – Boston

The Boston Marathon bombing reminded me to be thankful that I live in a country where chaos and evil are not everyday experiences.  Bombings, and other forms of terror, in many countries are daily concerns.  Having many international friends, I am often given perspective on the sense of security many Americans are privileged to.

Never has my family moved to a hotel after our home had been raided.
Never have I not been able to attend school due to a bombing.
Never have I experienced a friend, family member, or myself being kidnapped.
Never has my family left home in the night due to a government coup.
Never has another persons ill will caused any tragedy effecting myself or those I love. 

While these scenarios seem highly unlikely to many of us, they are ones that grieve others daily and have upset millions of lives.  While we enjoy the security and safety that our country delivers us, we mustn’t loose sight of how fragile that luxury truly is – staying ready to react and respond to the unforeseeable. 

For all you people who have never experienced the Boston Marathon, I find it sad that your introduction may have been yesterday’s news headlines.  The marathon is Bostons most community oriented and festive day.  Tens of thousands of locals, tourists, and students storm the streets, bars , and other businesses to support the runners and enjoy the long awaited spring.  As for the student’s day – beers are shotgunned at 6:00am, “kegs-and-eggs” becomes one word, everyone is a frat star, and the police’s hands blister from writing tickets.

Here are a few pictures I took during the morning, I hope you enjoy them.

My buddy Omhi getting after it – 9:00am

Nima and Me – Selfy



LMFAO’s younger cousins

Emily having to much fun
Meeting strangers

Kieran found his long lost sister


Beacon Street – Place to meet

They learned to drink together

Mario on the keg stand

Lastly, one thing about yesterdays events that I found heart warming and inspirational was that many of the marathon runners – who had finished running before the explosion – ran straight to Mass. General Hospital to donate blood after running 26 miles…that’s is exceptional.


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