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One Dam Good Cocktail

All it would take to turn my apartment into a speakeasy is a secret password.  If prohibition round two ever occurs, I’m positive my roommate and I are well stocked to wait it out.  Scotches, Brandys, Vodkas, Wines, Champagnes, Rums, Tequilas, Gins, and Liqours, we have it all.  To us, a good time entails our closest friends, favorite foods, and that perfect cocktail or tranquilizing wine.

While one can rarely find either of us drunk, it is often found that we are drinking.  For when the day is done and all is well, our kitchen becomes a laboratory for the science of enjoyable outcomes.  Whether that be twisting tangerines into Old Putney, writing tasting notes on a Pinot Noir, or fixing the latest vodka infusion, we are always busy.

The other day while rummaging through Formagio Kitchen, I came across a bottle of Belvoir Elder-flower Cordial.  My German friend, Laurens, mentioned that this stuff makes the hottest aperitif back home by mixing it with a dry white wine and sparkling water – before he finished it was in my basket.
Though I never made the German aperitif, I did devise one dam good cocktail this past Friday using the cordial.

To prevent watering down my drinks by using ice, I have lately begun using frozen fruit in their place.  The fruit only defrosts a small amount of water into the drink, as well as flavor, and then presents a snack when all is done.  Therefore, I filled my highball half full with frozen blueberries before proceeding to cover them with my choice vodka, Titos.  The cordial is literally syrup, delicious but extremely sweet and thick – I only allowed a small pour into the glass and that was plenty.  To finish it off, I filled the highball to about 3/4ths with ginger ale, and threw in a few squirts of aromatic bitters.

Be sure to make two…cause drinking alone defeats the joy of drinking.


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