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If I Could Only Google It! Game Show Captivates American TV Viewers

TOP NEWS – Currently ranked as America’s favorite game show, If I Could Only Google It! hascaptured the attention of American TV viewers nation wide – considered to be the new and improved Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.
In the “Genius’s Throne” – the participants chair – the player is asked one trivia question at a time.   If the player correctly answers 20 questions, they win $100,000 and are considered a genius.  However, one question wrong and they are Out’a There!
Google, a popular search engine website, allows people to learn any possible shred of arbitrary knowledge in a matter of seconds.  This saves people from having to fill their minds with millions of worthless facts and utterly useless information.  However, besides its ability to bombard you with millions of search results, Google really cannot do anything.
The participants on If I Could Only Google It! come from all corners of the country and are considered to be amongst America’s brightest.  With high hopes of claiming the $100,000 by answering the 20 unpredictable and pointless trivia questions, players must believe that theirencyclopedia like minds are up for the challenge.
The shows newest genius, Christian Joyce – who won the grand prize last week after correctly answering what the national bird of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is – works in a factory that prints trivia board games.  “I just kept reading the cards at the printing line, checking for any printing errors.  After ten years, I had pretty much memorized everything”, responded Joyce when asked about the secret to hisgenius. 
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