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The Salty Wag – Unreliable News from Unstable Sources

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve become slightly obsessed with writing satirical news reports. Like the Onion News Network, my articles are poking fun at the absurdities we accept as everyday life,  or as some people have told me, “you’re that ass who says what everyone else is thinking”.  Whether that be sports, politics, or religion (which somehow all find ways to intermingle), everything is fair game.  While it may seem cruel, my idea of success at this style of writing is when I receive three types of feedback on the same article – one person saying they hate me, one person explaining the seriousness of the situation, and another whose lungs have collapsed from laughter.

Over the past week I spent some of my nights up late, developing my own satirical news website.  The Salty Wag – Unreliable News from Unstable Sources, now archives all my satirical articles and will be the first place that they are released.  As of now all the articles our my original works; however, in the About tab you can find the contributors page.  Anyone who wants to take a stab at satirical writing, please feel free to send me an article!  If I like it, I’ll post it with your name and contact info in the credits.

Click here to visit the page: The Salty Wag



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