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How To Cure A Hangover

We’ve all been there – at least my friends and I have.  Those mornings when someone is tap-dancing to dubstep in your head and gravity can’t make up its mind on where to pull you.  Your bar tab from the night before is a battle wound that you’re oddly proudly about but wish never occurred.  Worst of all, the thought of standing up seems a similar feat to being a trapeze artist, and you probably have to walk to school or work.  

Now the people that don’t go out on weekdays will explain to you how you should “be responsible”, or “grow up” and only go out when your obligations for the week are finished.  But that is not a practical option for many us who respect FOMO over religion.  While on 99% of our nights we are able to flex our control muscle and just have a good time, the 1% occasionally shows up to the party.  If it does, here are my steps to subduing those mind numbing and nauseating hangovers.

1) Take the uncomfortable cold shower.  While this does not cure hangovers, it sure as hell wakes you
up.  Your body will contract, you’ll feel ten times more aware, and for a few glorious moments you’ll have forgotten how terrible you felt…before.

2) Find some type of food or drink that is truly spicy and down it.  Sounds awful, unless you love spicy food, but it actually serves a purpose.  The spice will get your heart pumping and blood flowing, moving fresh blood to your head to help with your headache.  Plus, if you eat something truly spice you will sweat a bit of the hangover out.

3) Go to the gym, run outside, or my favorite – hot yoga.  Miserable? You bet, but there is no better way to feel newer than to sweat out every drop of bad decision.

4) Lastly, just sleep when you have time.  Your body hates you already for everything it’s trying to do or fix, so why not give it some rest when it’s working on all your other issues.


2 comments on “How To Cure A Hangover

  1. dude a fat juicy hamburger has got to be on the list


  2. because when your stomach is screaming after the burger you forget you are hungover?


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