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Every month or so I look through the notes on my cell phone to see what I felt was important to record.  Little snippets of information I found amusing, theme ideas for satires, quotes of worth, and my occasional maxim.  Being twenty-one, I have a hard time taking any of my own ‘wisdom’ seriously.  What struggles has my bag of bones been through that bestows any type of knowledge and lesson? While I look away from the mirror when believing “a few”, every new challenge that confronts me is a reminder of how green my life has been to those I admire.  Despite the utter ignorance that is the byproduct of privilege, here are a couple of maxims wrote over the past month.    
“The greatest threat to a person’s intelligence is people who believe they can harness it”
“No matter the enormity of academic achievements I could reach, I’d only be able to view myself as the most prized livestock on the farm”
“The greatest battles in life are fought against ourselves”
“Religion and popularity eat off the same table”
“People hate using manuals, but few are brave enough to try doing anything without a manual”
I’m sure other people have thought these same thoughts.  I’d be naive to believe that any thought of mine – which cover the most widely discussed topics in life – were original.  However, whether they have existed or not, I arrived to them on my own – a way of learning I don’t believe is prevalent enough. 

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