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The Cheesiest Mothers Day Gift Ever

Mothers Day Breakfast at The Eastern Standard

On too many mothers day’s I have sent nothing but a card or dialed a last minute phone call, thanks to a friend having reminded me that ‘today’ was the day.  This year, though,  I upped my game.  Knowing that my Mom was to be in Boston over her holiday, I asked my cheese professor (no joke) if he’d mind her joining us for our farm and brewery visit to Vermont.  The answer was an absolute yes – thank you Ihsan!

A picture I took while walking on mothers day where the reflection of a cloud matched the cloud behind the building.
Boston Commons partner yogi’s
While we spent the actual mothers day walking across Boston to have drinks and a cheese platter at the Liberty Hotel, Wednesday, March 15th, was our trip.  The night before the drive, though, was Tuesday – a day in Boston I rarely live without “T’s”.  T’s Tuesday is one night where myself and practically everyone I know pack-into and party at T’s Pub, making fools of ourselves by singing Karaoke.  To make sure I didn’t miss out on the last T’s Tuesday before my senior friends graduated, here was my itinerary.
10:00am-6:00pm – Finish moving out of my apartment
6:00-7:30pm – Dinner at the Barking Crab so Mom could get a Maine lobster
8:30-10:15pm – Nap time
10:30pm-12:00am – Have a few drinks and fun at T’s
12:00-2:00am – Start drinking water to sober up while singing Karaoke
2:00-3:15am – Get some food with my buddy Nima
3:30-8:00am – Grab a ZipCar, pick up Mom out-front her hotel, and drive to Vermont
By the time we pulled into Jasper Hill Dairy in Vermont I was near the end of my rope.  But, out of the few things in this world that inspire me to rally, cheese is one of them.  
Jasper Hill Creamery
During the last semester of my cheese course, one of my favorites I tasted was the Bayley Hazen Blue from Jasper Hill Creamery – a delicious blue cheese that is made at the farm we had just pulled up at in Greensboro.  We were given a tour of their newly built cheese caves, where we learned about their production and operation.  Unfortunately, they were sticklers when it came to taking pictures, but we were able to snap a few in the Cabbot Clothbound Cheddar room, and I snuck one in of the Bayley Hazen.  The smell of ammonia literally knocked you on your ass when walking though these caves, making it difficult breath – as much as I felt in heaven, I could never work around that smell. 
Our group in the Cabbot Cloth-bound Cheddar cave
Soon to be sold 22lb wheels of Cabbot Cloth-bound Cheddar
My favorite, the Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese, aging in its cave
You are less likely to spread bacteria when you look like a moron
After a couple hours running around Jasper Hill we headed on over to Sage Farm Goat Dairy in Stowe, VT, where the owner, Molly, showed us around.  Molly and her husband, along with her sister and kids run the farm to produce goat milk cheeses.  Before our tour, though, we unpacked a potluck lunch to get some fuel in us.  FYI, potluck lunch with a group of twenty foodies is rarely disappointing – it took every ounce of my strength to not break my current vegetarianism regimen.  Luckily, one guy made two bagfuls of  his families spiced walnuts, which were fried in sugar, cumin, and crushed red pepper – deadly good.  So instead of feasting on the charcuterie and broccoli bacon salad with other tantalizing treats, I downed some walnuts and a glass of wine. 
Me pissed off as a vegetarian while teaching my mother how focus a camera
A potluck of love
Goats are weird.  To me they look a bit alien – particularly from the angles that I was taking their picture.  Their slotted pupils are what irk me the most, along with the fact that if you weren’t paying attention they’d eat your clothes right off of you.  However, they are super friendly animals, and make some of my favorite dairy products.  For that, I thank them.  While Molly spoke about her heard, I was a little preoccupied whistling so the goats would look into my camera.  But after ten to fifteen minutes of a petting zoo, we walked back to her small creamery so Molly could show us the production room where she spends her days creating delicious goat cheeses.  
One of Molly’s kids
The Sterling – a French Valençay style cheese in a truncated pyramid shape, dusted with ash for beautiful gray bloomy rind
You see, they just look creepy
Or stoned
But can be friendly

Soon we were back on the road and headed towards the Alchemist brewery.  This was literally no more than a ten minute pit stop to buy booze and give ourselves a self guided tour of the facility.  One by one I watched the machines pump out freshly filled cans – it was beautiful.  Only having $25 cash on me, I was limited to only eight cans of the liquid gold. 

Inside the Alchemist Brewery
A really odd license plate I caught on our way to the brewery
Time to eat again – thank god, for my already depleted gas tank was now running beyond empty.  Stopping into a pub in Waterbury, VT, our group picked their poison’s from a massive chalkboard wall menu.  One thing I must mention is that our waitress/bartender was a sommelier of beer.  There was nothing on that menu that you could order without her knowing the person, time, and place of its production, along with any other information you’d care for.  This hideaway spot also only served two foods, burritos and tacos, and was considered by some the “best Mexican food Vermont”.  While that fact at first seemed like folklore, it soon seemed probable after trying a roasted yam taco and my mom trying the kimchi carnitas taco.  
My roasted yam taco
Besides a delicious What is Enlightenment? brew from the Hill Farmstead brewery, what made this spot special for me was that they house-made all their hot sauces.  To put it politely, these concoctions weren’t for pussies.  I love hot sauce, absolutely love it, but I should have given the name on the bottle a little more credit.  After dousing my taco with the “Holy Shit….OMG” hot sauce, my eyes soon were tearing while sweat beaded on my forehead.  
The ‘Holy Shit…OMG’ hot sauce
 The ‘What is Enlightenment’ Beer from Hill Farmstead Brewery
That’s when the party ended.  I said my goodbyes, thanked Ihsan for a wonderful day, and handed the car key to Mom.  With a little bit of a buzz, a mouth that felt like I French kissed a dragon, and barely enough energy to walk to the car, I did my best to get cozy in the passenger seat and passed out as we drove back to Boston.
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.
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