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Vine App #Awesome

For those of you who aren’t yet privy, Vine is probably the coolest app ever.  Think of Instragram, but for videos.  The twist is, though, that you’re able to film the videos in short snippets which are then automatically recorded back-to-back and played as a video loop.  This allows for a million creative opportunities.

I spent today at cheese farms and breweries in Vermont with my mother – which will be what my next post will talk about once I have the pictures edited – and between shooting with my SLR camera I was having a blast playing around with Vine.  By letting you record less than a second at a time and jump around two different frames, you’re able to pack a lot of info into each short video, making it – in my mind – way more effective then taking a normal video of what you are doing, which you would have to edit later.  Plus, the social aspect of it is extremely similar to Instagram, making it convenient, effect, and fun.

If you have an Android or Iphone, jump on your app store and download Vine for free.  It’s super fun to use and a way better choice than any other video app I’ve ever seen.  The link below is a simple example of using the app at The Alchemist Microbrewery.

Alchemist Microbrewery Vine

If you do download vine….follow me!


One comment on “Vine App #Awesome

  1. Vine is probably the coolest app ever. Think of Instragram, but for videos. how to get more vine followers


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