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600 Beers Wasted On a Man Who Doesn’t Drink

My father doesn’t care for alcohol; however, he recently acquired a unique collection that would give any fraternity brother a hard-on.  That is, approximately 600 vintage beer cans that date all the way back to the 1950’s.  Major brands like Coors and Budweiser to Champale and other wacky paraphernalia that depicts an underdog history of inebriation.

Because Marketing is for Pussies
Champale, the Champaign of Ale 
I did some research on this company and discovered that the founders actually robbed a bunch of wealthy people to start up the brewery.

It took about an hour to unpack the 5 boxes of brown paper wrapped cans, stacking them in long lines across our ping-pong table.  Some I must say had quite far fetched marketing schemes, while a few lacked any.  My favorite cans though are the Australian brews, which could easily take two hands to hold for a small man.

Pretty Cool Can 
Pint in a Can – WHY DON’T WE HAVE THIS?! 
Marketed off the Show – If only they made Jersey Shore Beer or Game of Thrones Ale
Awesome Retro Guiness Can from the 60s

Soon I’ll be antsy to play ping-pong again and will be moving the cans.  So the next project is installing shelves along the walls of the man cave to have these pieces on display.

My Dad doesn’t like Zig-Zags either…


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