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I Wanna Be a Rock Star

I have always been a frustrated musician, particularly with my singing voice.  When younger, my father used to compare me to a young Bob Dylan, but even that was a compliment.  Even though angels died and babies cried when I first started screeching away my favorite tunes, I have always worked hard at refining my vocals and finding a style that works for me.  Many of my friends suggest that ‘silence’ is that style I’ve yet to discover; however, Jack Johnson and John Mayer like singing is what I am now fairly comfortable with.  I attribute my success with this singing style to the fact that half of the vocals are simply breathing out, which combines my natural talent for silence with depressing harmony – meeting the two somewhere in the middle.

While at times I sound decent singing breathy type songs like Daughters or Your Body is a Wonderland, I must admit that there are other styles I would exponentially prefer to have talent in.  Justin Hawkins from The Darkness, Axl Rose from Guns and Roses, or Steven Tyler from Aerosmith – to sing like these guys I would happily sell my soul to the devil and hand over my first born…hypothetically speaking.  There is nothing more appealing or exciting to me as the thought of standing in front of a hundred thousand people screaming in key at the top of your lungs – the adrenaline and energy could only be pure ecstasy.

One toy that at least allows me to falsely believe my dream as a reality is the voice box in my family’s music studio.  Once you plug your microphone into this sucker, with the tap of your foot you can scroll through over 100 vocal effects.  It makes a SIGNIFICANT difference in how you sound because the box can set harmonies for you and even keep you in key.  Also, think about this.  The voice box I have is only a few hundred dollar one…imagine what professional artists are using!

Here is a little compilation video I recorded on my iPhone today of me using the voice box…I’m still planets away from being like Axl – or any one else for that matter – but at least it helps!

One comment on “I Wanna Be a Rock Star

  1. D Dm says:

    Personally – I like your voice better without the box – it makes everything sound the same to me. But what do I know?


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