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The Lonely Gourmet – Part 1

For the next 10 days I will be living by myself in an empty apartment.  My roommate moved out two weeks ago, but I just returned yesterday from Miami to begin my solitude.  To make matters more dramatic, I’ve already moved out of my current apartment as well.  There is no bed, couch, chairs, desk, or anything.  I only left behind a pan, chef’s knife, and two sets of silverware so that I’d be able to prepare basic meals during my purgatory, waiting to go to my next apartment on June 1st.  If you’ve ever seen a movie where a man is foreclosed on and sulks on his empty homes floor the night before he must leave, that is what my apartment feels like.  Just a blanket and pillow to sleep on in the corner of a massive bedroom – oddly, I’m feeling claustrophobic but from a space to large.

I wish I had a chair

Now, I’ll admit, it’s beyond lonely.  This surprises me because I love having time to myself.  If you were to venture back to my blog posts last October you would even find a whole article explaining how much I appreciate having time to myself.  However, this living arrangement doesn’t feel like having time to myself, but more so solitary confinement.

There are two popular ways to handle a situation like this that I can see.  The first, is to try to crash on as many friends’ couches as possible for the next ten days, since I cannot invite people to come crash on my floor with me.  The second, is to rely on the one friend that always gives you the best comfort in the worst way whenever you are feeling sad or lonely, food.  While most people would grab a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and turn on their favorite HBO series in my situation, that is not really my style (I prefer Talenti Gelato and watching YouTube videos).  Therefore, yesterday I ran down to the supermarket to see what I could do with my kitchen set up – this is what I was able to come up with.

Persimmon Pear and Basil Salad     
Walking into the grocery store, the first fruit that caught my eye was a persimmon.  I picked up three, then just kept grabbing whatever I felt would make a good salad.  Here is the recipe.
1 Persimmon – Cubed
1 Pear – Cubed
9 Cherry Tomatoes – Sliced 
Handful of Red Grabed – Finely Sliced
Handful of Raw Cashews – Crushed
1 Kiwi – Cubed
8-10 Large Basil Leaves – Chiffonade 
3 Table Spoons White Wine – Reisling
1/4 Cup Olive Oil
1 Lime – Juice
1 Table Spoon Red Sea Salt
1 Table Spoon Finley Ground Cumin 
Pinch of Smoked Celtic Sea Salt – Garnish
After prepping all the ingredients I threw them into my pan (NOT ON THE STOVE) to be able to mix them all together.  Once well mixed, I filled a small cup with the salad and flipped it upside down against the plate – that’s how I was able to get the nice plating arrangement.  I always like to garnish my dishes, it just makes them more enjoyable to eat.  You can do whatever you like, but I finely sliced some pears (arranged seen above) and sprinkled black Celtic sea salt over the dish.  The one recommendation I’d have for anyone trying to make this salad is to experiment with throwing mint in with the basil.  Also, spices are always variable, make sure to taste as you are seasoning to see if you need to add more or less.
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