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Bloody Beetroots

When ever I go to the gym I usually do about 100 high jumps to get in a decent leg work out. Last night, I did well over 1000, while pushing my way to the front of a crowd and to a beat. The Bloody Beetroots absolutely destroyed Paradise last night – I haven’t had that much fun at a show since my last time seeing The Darkness. Every song was up-tempo and base driven – not a minute would go by with an epic build up and heart throbbing drop.

What caught me off guard, and made the show, was that even though these guys are EDM, they were playing instruments. A singer, keyboardist, and drummer all playing along with recorded electronic tracks and pumping up the crowd along the way.

The place was slammed, everyone fighting for the front. When my friends and I first showed up we snuk into the VIP section when the bouncer wasn’t looking….but that was short lived. All I was able to accomplish up there were a few dance moves and quick picture of the scene before being tossed out with the normal crowed by a very rude man.

At that point I began my journey to the stage. My trick to moving forward in a crowd is to start a mosh pit. Just start pushing people and start a fight so that everyone begins to step out of the way, then move to where you want to go. In a sweaty and steamy journey I squeezed through a pack crowd to proceed to slam my fists against the stage. Little did I know though that trying to jump on stage was frowned upon…where once again I was escorted by a very rude man, but this time out the door.

My neck hurts, my legs hurt, my back is in pain, my left foot is black and blue for some unknown reason and all day I’ve been limping – wish I could do it again.


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