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Cucumbers and Caviar – The Lonely Gourmet

It has been raining for four days here in Boston.  Not only does this weather make it a drag to so much as walk outside, it makes me feel even more isolated while riding the bad weather out solo in my empty apartment.  As I’ve been wasting away in this empty shell, it has been food that has stood true as the most reliable source of company.  Thus, I was inspired to run back down to SHAWS market, pick up the first thing to catch my eye, and improvise from there.

To be honest, I wasn’t that hungry.  All I felt like was a creative and light snack.  The first food that caught my eye was an English cucumber.  Naturally…I began thinking in a British accent, how that accent sounds sophisticated, generic stereotypes of sophisticated people, that one can appear sophisticated by acting smooth, James Bond, the James Bond movie where the guy falls into the giant vat of caviar – BAM, caviar!

Next thing I found my self doing was rushing down the isles, trying to find a small jar of black caviar.  After picking that up, I walked back by the cheese section and had the urge to incorporate some mozzarella into this snack – which I always like to eat with dill herb – and five minutes later I was back in my kitchen playing with the ingredients.

This is what I was able to come up with – a thin slice of cucumber topped with a medallion of mozzarella, a dollop of Caspian black caviar, and one small sprig of dill.  Surprisingly these were damn good!  The dill gave a sweet kick to the fishiness of the caviar while the cucumber and mozzarella didn’t give any fighting flavors but just mild accents.  Additionally, since James Bond was the inspiration, I through together a Vodka martini, “shaken not stirred”.  Try it out.


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