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Following up my last post titled “Some People are Just Stupid”, this update has to do with someone who did get the joke…but did NOT like it.  After my satirical news report about the Locks of Love charity pleading for Jodi Arias life got a couple thousand views, about an hour ago I received this email. 

Name: Madonna Coffman
Email :
Message Topic: http://SlanderousUseofName
Comment: Please IMMEDIATELY remove the false and fabricated article you currently have posted regarding “Locks of Love”.  As you know, I neither wrote this ridiculous letter nor authorized the use of my name or the name of “Locks of Love”.  This letter is both insulting to me personally and viciously abuses the use of a charity.   While I assume this site considers itself as comic relief, certain individuals have taken this as fact.   I anticipate this fictious article will be removed and further use of my name will not occur.

To clarify, Madonna Coffman is the President of Locks of Love.  As pompous as it may be, I am ecstatic about this.  Not in the since that I meant to offend her or wanted to degrade the public image of Locks of Love, but simply because it was gratifying to know that my articles are being read – immature as that is.

I did not take the article down despite her request.  That wouldn’t be fair!  Instead I changed the charity’s name in the article to Hair for Hope, and switched out Madonna’s name with Bethany W. Libel.  Check out to read the latest articles – and if you’ve ever thought of writing satirical news, I’m looking for contributors!


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