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Minimalism – Part 3 – ONE BACKPACK!

Every other person I know in their 20’s is overly concerned with what they can, or will be able to, accumulate.  Over the past few months my goal has been the exact opposite; what can I take away?  After selling countless clothes/items on Ebay, being know by name at local consignment shops, and giving GoodWill their next years inventory, today marks the first major milestone in my minimalist journey.   

In the picture about you see me with one large back pack and a leather satchel.  I am moving out today.  Going to sublet my buddy’s apartment for the summer – and it will be the easiest move of my life.  The reason being that everything I own and need now fits within the two bags you see me carrying (and the camera I took this picture with fits in the satchel).  My 32 articles of clothing, 4 pairs of shoes, laptop and charger, camera and accessories, two books I’m currently reading and hygiene products – it is that simple.

The last purge came yesterday when I dropped off some final boxes at GoodWilll and sold my guitar amp at Guitar Center.  It was painful to get rid of the last few items, the ones I had subconsciously avoided when packing up boxes for previous trips out the door.  The beautiful, but sad, truth is that after waking up this morning, I can barely even remember what was in those boxes.

Now, anyplace I need to go, anyplace I want to go, any job that might present itself, any person I wish to follow, and passion I wish to pursue is just two bag and an itinerary away. 


2 comments on “Minimalism – Part 3 – ONE BACKPACK!

  1. Rosemary says:

    I so want to do this. Not only with my clothes, but with anything that is simply not a necessity ! Hats off to you. (No pun intended!)
    Have a great journey!


  2. Thanks Rosemary! Do it!


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