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The $2.00 Computer Stand – Life Hacks

If you walk into the Apple store to buy a computer stand, $50.  If you go to Brookstone, $50 to $150.  If you look for anything cheaper, you get what you pay for.  However, if you buy a lint roller from any common goods store, $2.00.  Yes, a lint roller makes the best laptop stand I have ever used for the best price I could possibly imagine.  While this technique doesn’t work as a stand to use in your bed or on your lap, it is by far the best for any flat surface.  Here is why:

1) Adjust the height of your key board by rolling it back or forth
2) Your laptop is held in place by the lint roller sticking to both the desk and laptop
3) Leaves plenty of space between desk and keyboard for computer to stay cool
4) When the lint roller starts to lose its stickiness, just peel off the dirty layer
5) If you are taking your laptop somewhere, just set your charger chord on top of the roller and it will be held in place (not fall behind your desk)
6) When your keyboard gets dusty you can just use the lint roller to clean it
7) It’s small, cheap, sold everywhere, and can still be used for clothes

I’ve used one lint roller as my computer stand for the past 10 months now and have truly found it more convenient than any other stand I’ve ever purchased – I’ve had quite a few.   So, if you are in the market or thinking about buying a stand for your computer, try this life hack and use the lint roller technique.


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