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Some People are Just Stupid – Continued

I’m in a pickle.  One the one hand, I want people who read The Salty Wag to laugh and enjoy the articles for what they are; jokes.  On the other hand, I love getting comments from people who are seriously offended or believe the articles are real news.  While I prefer writing the jokes to be subtle and sometimes almost hidden, my friends have advised me to be as ‘in your face’ as possible.  I really am not sure what’s right and need to continue working on my style.

Regardless, two days ago I posted a satire bashing AOL Top News, which is run by The Huffington Post.  Have any of you ever read what’s on AOL Top News?  Literally, their headlines often put mine to shame.  After using AOL for almost 12 years now, I wouldn’t hesitate to believe that their top story was a squirrel that can water ski the same day as the Benghazi attack.  Therefore, the satire I wrote was titled, AOL Top News Readers Caught Off Guard By Nearly Every Major Event In the Past Year.  In summary, the joke was that AOL Top News only reports really worthless stories, so people who rely on AOL for news never knew about stuff like the Boston bombing or school shootings.  

Unfortunately, this time around I did not receive any emails from corporate executives demanding the article to be taken off line.  But once again some people took it seriously.  Most of them were agreeing that AOL is a terrible source for important news; however, my favorite comment was from a person defending AOL and claiming that I must have “an axe to grind” with the company.  

Take 30 seconds to read the article by clicking HERE to better understand the responses.  My 5 favorite comments are posted below, enjoy.  

Coconuisse predicted that this would happen.
Jack finds this story “easily understandable”
My favorite comment
I’m surprised to find out AOL in fact does have a lot of enemies


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