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For those of my peers who didn’t know, we are Generation Y – the Millennials’.  We pride ourselves on confidence and tolerance and are widely considered to be narcissistic and entitled little bastards by our elders.  The internet has raised us along side our parents.   It effects the way we think and what we expect from the world, blurring the line between local and global communities.  Organized religion is of less importance to us than any generation before, and our cultural identity has transcended the ideologies of the Baby Boomers and Generation X – making many people consider us “civic-minded.”  We’ve been said to be a lost generation.  One that lacks solid morals, a work ethic, motivation, and appreciation of hardship.  I wish I could disagree – I feel lost.

Let me give you a little run down of my average morning.  I wake up to the alarm set on my iPhone after a sound nights sleep, sometimes a little hung over and with a girl whose name I’ve already forgotten.  After a hot shower and shave I debate whether I feel like going to the gym now or later while picking out an outfit that best fits my mood.  Proceeding to the kitchen, I prepare a fresh platter of fruits, nuts, and sometimes artisan cheeses for breakfast.  Then, while looking out over my top floor balcony – soaking in the glorious Boston skyline view – I think to myself, “God, I need a break from this place.”

Don’t you [other college students] dare plead innocent.  While I’m aware that not everyone is as fortunate as I am, I know by name over 300 other Y’s who are in my same situation, if not a better one.  Y’s that are going to be coming out of a $200,000 education debt free, who’s parents pay for housing and all living expenses (plus an allowance), maybe we work a job – but feel that we are doing the world a huge favor being employed if so; however, our greatest concern is often whether or not we will be able to get all our friends to go on Yatch Week with us.

I find myself thinking like this alarmingly often, and usually only correct it at the end of another wasted day.  While I should be bowing at the feet of the god I call Dad (or Mom for some people – which is another characteristic of Generation Y) in thanks for him not dealing with me the same way he handles his other poor investments, I’m to busy wishing for for a break or vacation that I’ve not deserved.  Meanwhile, little do I realize, my whole life has been a God damn vacation.

I’ve found one source of inspiration and guidance, though.  One source of information that understands how my generation thinks, what many us believe, and the goals we shoot for.  That source, is

On those morning when I wake up thinking “maybe I’ll just take it easy today”, I just go onto the EliteDaily | The Voice of Generation Y and read a few articles.  Next thing I know I’m giving myself a much needed slap across the face and am once again focused.  Focused on sucking out every ounce of juice from the fruit of life.  All of their guidance and advice for people in their 20’s has been spot on, and I am now a dedicated reader.

Today I lived through another one of my average mornings.  However while eating fresh fruits and artisan cheeses, I took the time to read an EliteDaily article.  Then, while looking out over my top floor balcony – soaking in the glorious Boston skyline view – I thought to myself, “Fuck yeah, time to kill it.”  Here is that article: Take Control of Your Life and Live By Your Own Rules.


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