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If you don’t believe in evolution this post will just upset you.  
Humans Today
It wasn’t till today that I first started thinking about how humans will continue to evolve.  Throughout my life I’ve always been aware of evolution – seeing the common graphic where a silhouette morphs from a monkey into a standing human.  Whenever I pictured the future, though, I simply imagined humans looking like, me.  Maybe I assumed that we’d acquire some cyborg like additions, or possibly live amongst intergalactic species.  But as for human, the only thing that I imagined would evolve was our technology. This was a naive way to think, for what stops evolving dies off.  As the world develops (environmentally and industrially), we must develop with it.  That is mentally, and physically.
After spending a couple hours this morning reading about [as unpredictable a study as it may be] The Future of Humanity from an Evolutionary Standpoint, I came across an article that I found amusing.  Based off a study by Dr. Alan Kwan, a PhD in Computational Genomics from Washington University, a guy named Nickolay Lamm produced a series of images that portrayed Kwan’s evolutionary predictions.
Humans in 20,000 Years

Kwan’s research leads him to believe that as humans further develop their understanding of the universe our heads will undoubtedly become larger to accommodate bigger brains.   However, instead of us just developing huge craniums like we’ve often seen portrayed, our entire heads will grow larger due to the rule of viable human biology.  Thus, we’d experience facial growth along with cranial growth, and humans in 20,000 years would still look mostly like someone today but with a subtly larger forehead and more pronounced facial features.

Humans in 60,000 to 70,000 Years

While human evolution as we know has so far only taken place on earth, it is important to factor in that at some point in the future we will likely be spending at least half of our lives, if not all, in space and on other planets.  Doing so would introduce humans to variations in gravity, depravity or excess of sunlight, along with many other changes.  If in future millenniums humans do colonization other parts of the solar system, likely evolutionary development may be:

1. Larger eyes to be able to see in dim environment that are further from the sun.
2. More darkly pigmented skin to battle the damaging impact of harmful UV radiation that’s found outside of the Earth’s protective ozone.
3. “Thicker eyelids or a more pronounced superciliary arch to alleviate the effects of low or no gravity that disrupt and disorient the eyesight of today’s astronauts on the ISS.”

Humans in 100,000 Years

One hundred millenniums from now, our faces will show most strongly the features that we find appealing today.  These are, “strong regal lines, straight nose, intense eyes, and placement of facial features that adhere to the golden ratio and left/right perfect symmetry.”  Eyes – to say the least – would seem frighteningly large to us, having a cat like shine from the tapetum lucidum (enabling clearer night vision).  Lastly – and I’m not sure what warranted this prediction – a blink would occur almost horizontally due to the reintroduced plica semilunaris…so when you squint the slit will be vertical.

It’s important to remember that 100,000 years is a very, very long time away.  Not that I’m any prodigy of planning, but I can barely predict where I will be in one year, let alone humanity.  It is always fun to think, though, and today this was my mental exercise.  If you’d like to read the article (though I pretty much summarized the whole thing) here is the link: Humans In 100,000 Years 


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