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The man in the picture above is Ben Huh, founder and CEO of I Can Has Cheezburger?.  You can thank Ben for making popular those captioned pictures of animals doing silly things – he is the master of memes.  About an hour ago I read an article on Buzzfeed that he wrote about his love for tech.  To sum it all up, he’s obsessed.  It doesn’t bother him being glued to the phone during dinner with his wife and he even talks to people on Google Hangout when sitting on a couch with them.  However towards the end the article he said a few words that really resonated with me.  

Constant activism from people who are not supposed to be activists is tiring to people

When he said this he was explaining why he doesn’t use Twitter all that much, but I felt like it was a statement that makes clear a largely unrecognized botheration in society.  Not everyone is meant to be as active as social media and other modern communication channels encourage us to be.  We are constantly pushed towards being as connected as possible in online communities, never failing to update a status, post a picture, and correspond with others in an instant.  But aren’t people passing a point to where their engagement is not sustainable?  To where they are beginning to exhaust their interest and will view these networks as burdens instead of tools? 

The idea of whether or not you’ve enslaved yourself to the online world is an interesting one to ponder – I sure have.  I push myself to update both this site and The Salty Wag on a daily basis.  Even though I enjoy doing so, there are days when I just flat out have nothing to say.  Days when not a drop of creativity is flowing through my mind, but I still post.  I know it won’t last forever, I know I’m going to get tired of it, so why do it?  

Honestly, I don’t have an answer – especially one on how other people should change.  It is not my place to tell you whether or not you are supposed to be active.  That is something you need to ask yourself.  However, my advice for you to keep in mind (if you do ask yourself that question) is to imagine if you were your only friend on Facebook, your only follower on Twitter, or the only one who read your blog.  Would you still enjoy the activity?


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