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I may just give Some People are Just Stupid its own dedicated page because everyone seems to enjoy the topic and other people literally write the material for me.  Regardless, once again I have had some of my wonderful readers completely misunderstand that what they were reading was utter BS.  One of my recent Salty Wag articles joked about how “perverts and sexual deviants across the country are reportedly thrilled with the new regulations” that TSA has implemented with pat down screening. Read the article here: 


Like all of The Salty Wag articles, though, it was not true.  I write most of the satires when I’m trying to find anything to do but homework.  Even though I believe it is obvious that the articles are not real news reports – largely because of subject matter and delivery – many people still have a difficult time deciphering the texts.  So…why not make fun of them for it?

Here are a couple of responses I got to the satire that is mentioned and linked above – enjoy.


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