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This might seem ridiculous, but it’s true.  I judge purchases using a method I’ve termed the “Cocktail Opportunity Cost Approach”.  Pretty much how it works is that you see how much something costs, and then decide if you rather have that thing or instead its equivalent cost in drinks at the bar.  Whenever I’m feeling frugal, I’ll use $5 draft beers as my standard.  Most of the time, though, I use the $12 cocktail approach.  “New T-shirt? Or three drinks? decisions, decisions, decisions” – this is the dialog that plays like a broken record in my head.

Pretty much whenever something costs the equivalent of a cocktail or less I’m more than comfortable having one less drink.  And that is why when I learned that I could hire a 24/7 personal assistant for the cost of 1 cocktail per hour, and in some cases 1/2 a cocktail per hour, I practically fainted.  I bet you are thinking to yourself, “Sebastian, you’re an idiot.  What the hell do you need a personal assistant for?” – the answer is I don’t need one, but this is how I [and you] could use one.

First off, these personal assistants aren’t the ones that follow you around and pick up your laundry; they are virtual assistants.  Offices in India, China, Indonesia, or wherever that hire people to help take care of others business elsewhere.  These offices have people that specialize in data analysis/entry, internet/database research, outbound calling, social media management, tech support, editing, marketing, content uploading, post management, email correspondence, and about anything else you could imagine.  Anything that you do on a computer, they can do for you.  This means that you could hire full time (40 hours a week) employees for less than $400 a month!

Now, if you can’t imagine how this is useful to college students…I’m surprised you can read.  For $8/hour you can never have to edit a research paper again – you can even have them do the research for you!  I don’t recommend outsourcing the actual writing of the paper…but you get the idea.  It’s pretty much possible to outsource all the mundane tasks of our everyday lives that keep us away from pursuing our passions (that is if you have a passion).

Check out these websites and go wild:
[or just Google search Virtual Assistants]


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