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Crania-smallMany people consider StumbleUpon a waste of time – but to me it’s quite productive.  Everytime I find myself using the site to surf the web I’m consistently enamored by the seemingly limitless creativity of humanity.  Art, industry, or talent, some of the most inspiring work I’ve been exposed to is thanks to StumbleUpon.

Yesterday I came across something that literally had me jumping with excitement.  The last time I was this amped had to have been Christmas eve when I still believed in Santa (… not too long ago), but fortunately this dream is actually tangible.

I had known for sometime about 3D printing, but only every thought of it as an industrial tool.  For example, putting one on an oil rig so that it can print replacement parts instead of having them shipped.  But not till yesterday did I realize that as the technology gets more affordable it can be used on a personal level.  Simply put, you could print practically anything and everything you’d ever need.

3D printers can print in glass, steel, silver, gold, glass, plastic, and resin.  Want a new set of wine glasses?  Print them.  And what is even more incredible is that these printers can recycle what you’ve printed.  Meaning everything you print can be thrown back in the printer to be re-created or done differently.

The catch is that you need to know how to do 3D modeling, though.  You know the car commercials where you see the wire frame of the model that’s being designed?  That is the type of software that you need to create the models that these printers read.

Because of that I’m going to disappear for the next couple weeks.  The goal being that when I resurface I’ll be fluent in virtual 3D modeling.

We’ll see how this goes.


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